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Premium Disposable Coveralls

Premium Disposable Coveralls

BodyGard™Premium coveralls are limited life disposable coveralls providing increased personal protection ,from both hazardous particulates and potential chemical hazards.


CE 0624 certifies BodyGard™ FLX2000 for type5 and type6 protection.

The fabric used in the manufacture for BodyGard™ premium coveralls is5 8grm/sqmeter,breathable and anti-static material.

The standard design BodyGard™ coverall consists of a one-piece garment with hood.

Hood, wrists, waist and ankles are elasticised. Reinforced crotch pleats and heavy duty zipper cover flap.


High Structural Strength with Excellent Tensile, Tear and Abrasion Resistance

10 September 2019

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