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Category II Coveralls

Civil Protection, construction, decorative work, food processing and packaging, medical, emergency workwear. It is used to protect clothes in general purpose works.

Disposable Coverall

Protect Yourself with Personal Protective Equipment / Disposable Coveralls!

Working in dangerous jobs brings along the risk of high uncertainty.

‘Special people’ whose jobs are crucial yet dangerous such as military personnel in engagement areas, life-saving professional firemen and industry employees who work by explosive chemicals, high heat and fire dangers believe in the solutions of Felix’s innovative personal protective equipment.

The world changes fast. The more countries are industrialized, the more personal protective equipment is required. Felix provides science-based solutions to meet this protection need for emergency teams, police officers, laboratory technicians or workers who are employed in production, construction and maintenance areas.

We understand that people who are employed in ‘dangerous jobs’ are not ‘indestructible’. Therefore, we have dedicated ourselves to provide solutions for these people against any kind of dangers that may develop during their usual work practices. By cooperating with authorized bodies and industries, we can design and offer the brand-new personnel protective equipment solutions that will keep professionals safe as they change and make the world a better place.

Felix is the leader of its sector with its manufacture of personal protective equipment and disposable coverall fabrics and coveralls. Fabrics that are manufactured with laminated spunbond nonwoven and breathable films provide both liquid and chemical barriers. In addition, they keep dust and similar particles away. Owing to breathable films, end-users find these fabrics comforting which provide protection against particles.

The products can be manufactured with two or three layers. High breaking and elongation and chemical protection strength can be easily reached with products between 54 to 100 gsm. Since our products are etching and calendaring featured, they have soft textures and look like traditional textile. Two or three layers of fabrics can be manufactured upon request with UV protection, antistatic and different colors.


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